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Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Stain Remover Recipe

I come from a family of folks that are tainted by OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  I have been "healed" of it myself.  One of the miracles that comes with twins.  I have a feeling it has to be that way; OCD+twins could quite possibly equal insanity!  Anyway, they can get stains out of everything, I mean everything and have lots of tricks for fixing things that I will pass along from time to time.  This "recipe" comes from my aunt and has worked miracles on many articles of clothing.

Aunt Bev's Miracle Laundry Stain Remover
Equal Parts of:
  • Wisk (Laundry Detergent)
  • Ammonia (All-purpose cleaner)
  • Water
I keep this mixed up in a large, heavy duty squirt bottle and squirt it on most of my kids clothes as I am putting them into the washer.  It can get anything from berries to dirt out of just about anything.

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