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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two of Everything?

Shortly after it was discovered that twins were growing in my belly my mind started thinking in duplicate form. I purchased double of everything.  Once when I was paying for all of my duplicate merchandise at Target the concerned cashier said, "Did you know you have two of these?"  My response was , "Yes, two of those as well as everything else in the cart."

It didn't take long for me to run out of money as well as space in my house.  Fortunately I "wised up" before most of the boxes had been opened and hit the road returning.  My babies slept in the same bassinet until they grew out of it and then slept in the same crib until they started wiggling and waking each other up.  Then of course there was a need for two cribs.  We did find that we only needed one swing, one bouncer, etc.  We would let them take turns with the baby entertainment toys.  As our boys have gotten a little older there are a few toys that I have purchased duplicates of, you know the favorites.  They both got rocking horses for Christmas because I had images in my head of them fighting over them, pushing each other off.

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