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Saturday, February 12, 2011

No picky eaters at this house

No mac & cheese, hot dogs with a side of PB & J at this house.   My kids do eat them occasionally, but I have never made them a meal separate from what my husband and I are eating.  Of course we started them out with rice cereal and a some baby food a little bit at a time to check for allergies.  After ruling out allergies I started giving them whatever we were eating, putting it through a food grinder if necessary.   It was also less expensive and probably healthier than whatever is used to preserve those squished up chicken & dumplins in a jar (sorry to call you out on it Gerber & Beech Nut)!  My kids all like Mexican food, seafood, fruit, vegetables, and just about everything in between. I am not writing this post because I am a professional on this subject, but because it is something that I often hear a lot of comments about.  Whether we are at a restaurant  and someone comments on what my kids are eating or a friend asking how I have gotten my kids to eat so well.

When I was pregnant with my first I read an article in a parenting magazine that said that kids are introduced to something before age two they are more likely to like it.  I liked that idea and I think there is something to it.  I have noticed the foods that my kids don't like are also the ones that I don't like probably because we don't ever eat them.  Today for lunch we had Tomato Basil soup and multigrain chips with roasted garlic hummus for lunch and my three youngest ate until everything was gone.  It's not always that healthy.  We also manage to eat our quota of junk food.  Unfortunately, my seven year old has been poisoned by the kids in the school lunch room and is getting pickier by the day.  I have got to figure out how to get a handle on that one before she no longer asks for broccoli when we go to the store without strangling all of the second graders.

Beware:  There is  a flip-side.  They all really like a good filet mignon.

And bless his heart...cute, little Hudson decided to help me out with this post by sneaking an orange bell pepper while I was writing it.  The picture isn't the greatest because he kept putting the pepper down to say cheese!

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