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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Minivan-Sweats Syndrome

I have some very strong feelings regarding the minivan...I am a lover.  With multiple car seats there are not a whole lot of things better than pushing a button and having the sliding door open all by itself and then walking over to the wide open door that is just the right height for buckling the kiddos in.  If that isn't enough my next love is the cargo space.  Oh my, you can't beat the cargo space that the minivan has to offer.  I drove an SUV for a while and had to take apart my double stroller and have my older kids hold onto it while I would close the hatch/trunk door thingy (whatever it's called) and then stuff my groceries in random corners or under my kids feet throughout the vehicle.  What a feeling of liberation the first time I put my fully assembled stroller in the back of my van and all of my groceries right there in the same place.  If that isn't enough ..the gas mileage.  My SUV..10-12 mpg.  My minivan 23-25 mpg and I hear the gas mileage on some of the newer minivans are even better.  Did I happen to mention that it drives, handles, parks very similar to a car as opposed to a land barge?  Sounds good to me.  My wonderful sister-in-law is a local radio show host and I perked up a bit when they were talking about minivans on her show the other day.  She's a classy gal and just as passionate about the SUV.  She says that she would feel like driving a minivan would be very similar to consenting to living the rest of her life in sweats!  I personally have never suffered from the minivan/sweats syndrome.  I mean really, we are in the year 2011 and no longer talking about your mom's Astro Van or the Caravan with the wood paneled sides.  I think that my next door neighbors suffer from the minivan/sweat pants syndrome.  They home school their children to keep them safe from being corrupted by the school system, yet they put their baby in an infant car seat or their four year old in the front seat of their little sporty Mazda! Hmmmm....I just scratch my head each time I see them driving away.  I guess if you feel better about yourself lugging your car seat or toddler up and into an SUV or cramming all of your kiddos into a sedan then I say more power to ya!  I may be saving gas$$$ and making life a little easier for myself, but you win the award for the better workout!

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