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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Dentist....

I have heard horrible rumors that it is very common for premature babies to be born before the enamel on their teeth has formed which causes all sorts of dental issues.  I took my boys to the dentist before they even had teeth for the first time just for preventative measures.  I am not sure what I was hoping to accomplish, but the dentist got a good chuckle at my expense( bank account, not feelings).  Last time we went both boys had enough teeth for the dentist to assure me that they both have enamel on their teeth.  Phew......  Yesterday I took them for their check up and sure enough the enamel is still doing just fine.

A little interesting side note:  Remember, my twins are as identical as they come, but Hudson is developmentally a little bit behind because of his brain bleed.  Well, the dentist informed me that his teeth are a few months behind his twin brothers.  I guess we don't pay that dentist the big bucks for nothin!

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