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Friday, March 4, 2011

10 Reasons Why Parenting Twins is the Best


(Not in any particular order)

#10I Get Much More Exercise Than I Used to Get

I counted one day the number of times that I ran up and down the stairs between naps, diaper changes, outfit changes and things I forgot. It came to 49 times up and down.

Then as the twins get older, you have the joy of chasing them around. Chasing them around the kitchen, chasing them around the mall, chasing them around the playground. Well, I think you see the idea here.

And, I haven't even talked about carrying around two babies at the same time all the time. My biceps were almost like Linda Hamilton's in The Terminator when my twins were little. I have yet to meet an overweight twins mom and now I know why.

#9 I Get to Do Everything Twice. I Get to Do Everything Twice.

People will say to me "raising twins must be so hard" and I always reply with "no, not really. I just do for one what I do for the other one." If I change a diaper, I do it for each of them. If I prepare food, I do it twice. If I put one to bed, the other goes to bed too.

I also get to repeat myself twice. So, just in case I didn't hear myself the first time or I've forgotten what I've said, it won't be long before I have the chance to say it again to the other twin.

#8 I Get to Shop Often

I'm constantly at Target either because I forgot something on my last trip or I ran run out of diapers. I usually would buy enough diapers to last me to the next millenium, but somehow we constantly run out of them.

The twice a year shopping for clothes can be a little overwhelming since I have to buy for both a boy and a girl, but I'm getting better at organizing my shopping trips.

#7I Get the Best Deals

There are a ton of product deals and discounts created just for parents of multiples, you just have to find them and sometimes ask for them. Did you know that Babies R Us will give you a 10% discount when you buy two of the same item over $100?

Over the years, I've received discounts on these types of items from certain stores and companies.

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Baby Formula
  • Cribs
  • Car Seats
  • Preschool Tuition
  • Zoo Admission Fee

For a list of more discounts, here are two sites that I like to recommend About.com Free Stuff for Twins and Twin Pregnancy and Beyond Twin Discounts.

#6 I Feel Like a Superstar Everytime I Go Out

I've learned that people are fascinated by twins, especially senior citizens who have the time to stop and chat. It used to bother me that I couldn't go somewhere without someone stopping me and asking about my twins, but now I love it and am proud that I have twins.

I don't mind answering questions that people have about my twins as long as they aren't intrusive. But, luckily most people just want to take a look at them and reminisce about having young children.

#5Sometimes I Get to Discuss Intimate Details with Strangers

Okay, so this isn't really fun, but I'm always amazed at some of the questions people think they have a right to know about a total stranger.

My favorite questions range from just plain, old rude like "Are your twins natural?" to just silly when you think about it "Are your boy-girl twins identical?" But, like I said most of the people that I encounter while we are out are friendly and just say "looks like you've got your hands full."

#4People Don't Ask Me When I'm Having Another Child

I think people pretty much assume that things are busy enough with twins...and, they'd be right.

#3They Entertain Each Other

I spend a lot of time with my twins since I'm able to work from home. But, because I work from home I also need them to entertain themselves during the day so that I can get work stuff or house stuff done. They have an instant friend in each other and enjoy playing with each other. I think I do have to watch them closer though than if I just had 2 kids of different ages. They come up with the craziest games sometimes and work together to be "tricky monsters" as my husband calls them. They tag-team and can empty a kitchen cabinet in 2 seconds flat.

#2I'm A Part of the Twins Community

Every day, more and more people officially join the "twins community" when they find out that they are pregnant with twins. It is a special group of moms, dads, and children that all look out for each other, share advice, tell stories, and support one another through happy and hard times.

The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC) operates through a national chapter and through local chapters. Every state has their own chapter of NOMOTC that meets in-person on a regular basis.

Many other countries have their own multiples group as well. If you are pregnant with twins and would like to connect with other twin families in your area, the NOMOTC is a great place to start.

#1Double the Love, Double the Hugs and Kisses

After the initial shock that I was having twins, I realized that I wouldn't want it any other way. It has been my greatest accomplishment in my life to be pregnant with twins, deliver healthy babies, and to raise twins.

It is challenging at times, but it brings me great joy to watch them grow simultaneously. The most amazing feeling in the world is to be able to hold both your children and get two wet kisses on each cheek at the same time.

Hope you liked the list! Now that you feel all warm and fuzzy, you can head over and read Part 2 - The 5 Most Horrible Things about Raising Twins.

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