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Friday, March 11, 2011

Twin Shock!

I know there are a few out there that dream of having a set of twins.  That was not me!  Parenting did not come as naturally to me as I thought it should have.  I literally almost fainted when the ultrasound man (or whatever he is called) said that I was going to be having two babies.  I walked around in a foggy shock having anxiety driven chest pains for a few days until I called a good friend.  She has had much more experience than I have in life and has a set of twins that are now grown.  She told me that she had always considered herself to be special because not everyone gets to have twins and that in spite of many crazy moments she had greatly enjoyed her twins.  She also told me that there is nothing sweeter than seeing them asleep next to each other.  Anyone that is in the same panic that I was in-she was right!  For some reason that was all I needed.  I was still nervous at times, but for some reason considering myself to be one of the special few twin moms made it easier.

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  1. You are a special mom twins or no twins. This is a cute blog!