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Friday, March 18, 2011

Nap with a side of popcorn


It gets a bit challenging when one twin still needs a nap while is in the in between stage and most of the time does not.  Usually I put Hudson in his bed and let Nick watch a movie with a snack in hopes that will be more exciting than waking up his brother, but some days it doesn't work.  I have tried the childproof door knob things and those keep him out, but it doesn't do much good when he sits outside of the door knocking, crying for his little buddy.  Yesterday I proceeded with the routine and started putting my groceries away.  After a few minutes I noticed that things were a little too quiet.  Nick didn't want his brother to miss out on anything, so he had dumped his popcorn all over him and was knocking on his blanket to wake him up.  Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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